Australian homes Structure

Most Australian homes are built with a timber frame

Look at the homes below. Think the bricks are holding up the rooves? Think again.

Roughly 85% of detached homes in Australia, are built using a timber frame structure which can be cladded in wooden weatherboard, fibre cement, thin steel or brick veneer.

This is the typical approach to building a new house: a concrete slab goes down, then the timber frame is constucted before adding the roof, cladding and windows.

Above, you can see that the timber frame structure is holding up the tiled roof. You can also see plywood sheets which are required to brace the frame against lateral movement from wind or earthquakes.

Single layer brick walls can be fragile and can topple if not properly tied to a frame. Pictured above, metal brick ties are nailed to the timber frame and then cemented in between the bricks.

Above, this concrete slab is for a timber frame home with brick veneer cladding. The frame is positioned inward to allow a step for the brick wall to be built on.

This slab has been designed for Scyon wall cladding and the frame is positioned on the outer edge of the slab to maximise internal floor space. There is no need to construct a step for Scyon walls.

You can gain up to 10m2 of floor space in a 3 bedroom home by eliminating bricks and wall cavities.

Above: brick cladding is heavy, and second storey walls need to be built on lower storey walls constraining home design leading to “boring brick boxes".

Scyon™ walls are designed for timber frames. They’re fixed to the frame to provide additional bracing and prompt interesting architectural features. The image above shows a larger upper floor that is cantilevered beyond the walls of the lower floor (something that would be difficult to do with heavy-weight brick cladding). The Scyon Stria™ cladding is also used on the large protective overhang on the balcony.

These are just some of the benefits of lighter-weight construction in Australian modern homes.

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